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Our story begins in 2002 when we moved to South Africa and started looking around for a farm with perfect terroir, cool climate and - frankly - a nice place to live. Only late in our quest, when we were seriously considering a promising property in Stellenbosch - did a friend insist we go "Over the Mountain" as they call it here and visit the Elgin Valley. Barely a week later we signed the papers and could call ourselves the proud owners of an ... apple farm!

Fast-forward a couple of years and we have now 15 ha of vines in production - and are still enjoying 4 hectares of apples and pears. The decision of what to plant - and where to plant it - has been a project on its own. We used consultants and professors with a combined experience of over a century. On top of that, we based our choice on Infrared and satellite imagery, soil samples, and electromagnetic scans of the soil. The input of the previous owner and the labour who has been living on the farm since forever, was also crucial in these decisions.

After some deep ripping of the soil, we planted the specific cultivars to their best suited site. From there we have been nursing our vines into healthy grape producers. We use canopy management based on the latest research and employ precision viticulture to manage each vine separately rather than taking the bulk approach.

We have built an architecturally acclaimed winery and tasting facility. The pictures should speak for themselves but we insist you haven't taken it in until you've been here! For opening times and how to find us; have a look at our contact section.